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Oh the Drama.

7 Feb

So remember when I said that I figured out who like 3 or 4 people have a crush on? So I’m not gonna use names in case someone who actually goes to my school reads this (which I kinda hope they won’t). Okay.
Couple 1:
I found out that he likes her about 94324  years ago. Well, I guessed, and my suspicions were confirmed that friday. I had known that she likes him because me and her are like best friends, so. . . yeah. Anyway, so Tolo is coming up, and she’s thinking about asking him. Now, we all think that this is a great idea because if they ended up going out, they would both be ridiculously happy. At least that’s what we think (And when I say we, I mean my friend TH and I). So, then we’re all (Me, him, her, and Amanda) sitting around rehearsal one day, and he says “Well, I don’t really do Tolo. I’d only do Prom and Homecoming.” So then, she gets this look on her face, and it was so sad for me . Anyway, apparently later, in the car, with TH he, I guess, doesn’t know if he likes her anymore because they’ve never really hung out one-on-one and they never talk about anything deep. What?! It sounds to me like someone is scared of commitment.

Couple 2:
Need to get together. Although a lot of times like I’ll be standing with them and it’s like me, him, and her, and I feel really awkward. Like I just don’t understand why they don’t get together. He likes her, and she likes him, and they both know it, so it seems like the next logical step. Maybe it’s because she just got out of a sticky relationship situation. Maybe it’s because I can’t picture him in a relationship. With anyone.  Which sounds harsh, but I just can’t.

How’s my couple life going? Well, other than the fact that I’m not huge into high school relationships, and I don’t need a boy to “complete me” as one of my friends said yesterday (which is a button pusher for me, so he kinda got his head torn off). It kinda sucks. I have a crush on a boy who we (TH and I) think is probably emotionally stunted. We’ve only ever known him to like 1 girl, and then she kinda crushed him, so I mean, I don’t know. I do wish that for once, the boy I like would like me back, just so I could know that he does. I don’t wanna date him or anything, well, maybe I do, but not really. Anyway, so that’s it for today.

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