Since this is gonna be a blog about my life, I guess you should probably know who my friends are. So here’s a cheat sheet. You might need one.

Sammi: I call her Manny or ManMan. My BFF. She’s been my best friend since 1st grade when we had matching Sketchers Sandals. We still have matching shoes, but they aren’t the same sketchers sandals. We go to different schools now, but we text every single day. We are the same age.

Amanda: I call her Mandy. She is also my best friend and I love that girl to death. She always takes care of me when I need it and no matter what’s wrong she is always there for me. She’s actually kind of  like my mother. It gets irritating sometimes, but I know that it just means she cares about me.

Karin: I call her KB. She is like my sister. One day in choir, she elected herself my conscience. So she makes sure I’m not doing anything to screw my life up. I just met her this year and she and I bonded super quickly and it was awesome.

Seth: This guy. I don’t even know. We’re either friends or we hate each other.

Theresa: I call her TH. She is awesome in that she won’t take crap from anyone having to do with any of her friends unless she’s mad at them too. Recently, though, she went missing for 36 hours and now she doesn’t remember 3 years of her life. This was a really stressful event for all of us, and it’s been really difficult trying to rebuild the friendship. Sometimes I don’t even know if it’s worth it.

Nick Terry: He has so much freaking talent that it’s over the top. He’s one of my really awesome good friends. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and he’s so funny! I really like being friends with him.

I think that’s the main group. There may be others, but I’ll add them later.


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