50+ Reasons Why Life is Good

So, sometimes I get kind of down and depressed, and so I figured that I should make a list of reasons why my life is good. I am starting out with 50, and hopefully will add more over time.

1. I am alive.

2. I do not get sick all that often.

3. I have a home.

4. Both of my parents love me a whole lot.

5. I am in a school that I love.

6. I have awesome friends (Shoutout: Manny, Karin, TH, Amanda (:)

7. I do not have to pay taxes

8. I can sing quite well (So I’ve been told)

9. I have theatre

10. I can always go hide in the Green Room if I am sad.

11. All of my teachers are pretty cool.

12. They make Tim’s Chips here in Washington. (They don’t, in other parts of the country, apparently.)

13. I have an excess of clothing.

14. I do not feel like I need a boy to complete me like some girls do in highschool

15. My running, hot water.

19. I can go dance around my room whenever I need to.

20. If I ever get into a funk, Seth will just tell me to suck it up, and everyone has problems, and then I feel better.

21. Warm, cozy sweaters.

22. Vocab stories. Go read them if you haven’t. (www.beastly2ndaltos.wordpress.com)

23. Gossip Days with TH

24.  Chocolate.

25. Necktie Wednesday

26. Random sing-a-longs in the green room

27. Bubble Shooter!

28. Taylor Lautner

29. Beastly 2nd Alto-ness in choir!

30. Sammi will always tell me cheesy pick-up lines when I am sad.

31. Inside Jokes.

32. Whenever I am mad, Laura will always be on my side. And make up crazy insults toward the person I am mad at. Hahaha Chipmunk Cheeks.

33.  I read a lot. More than most people apparently.

34. I have the stash for when I forget my lunch

35. I can spend my allowance completely on stuff that I want to spend on.

36. I have been to Europe twice.

37. Glee

38. MLIA

39. Noah and the Whale

40. I no longer need caffeine to survive

41. I have an awesome extended family, too!

42. I have a very awesome, warm, cozy, comfy bed.

43. Blackberry 8900! 😀

44. Unlimited texting

45. I do not have a father that throws random household objects at me.

46. I do not have a name that  257854687964523 people have.

47. I have friends that make an effort to know stuff about me.

48. I am soon going to be learning how to drive

49. I have fun band-aids that my friends will put on with me, even if we aren’t hurt.

50. I am lucky enough to have friends and family that have faith in me in whatever I want to do.

That’s it for now. I guess this is a little cheesy, and a bit more barfy than I usually do, but I felt like I needed it.


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