The Pet Steve’s and Peeves.

8 Jul

Pet Steve’s are the opposite of a pet peeve, if you didn’t know.  Today, I will list two of each.

I enjoy late night phone calls. I don’t care who they are with, but I love being on the phone with someone until all hours of the night. Something about the fact that you could get in trouble for being on the phone so late, or that I’m exhausted so I’m not making a ton of sense, or just that I’m talking to my best friend really floats my boat.

2. I also enjoy hot hot hot weather! Today in Seattle it’s about 90 degrees. I LOVE it! I would like to go outside and just lay down and fall asleep out there!  Next week I will be off to Arizona where it gets up to 120 degrees. I am very excited. As someone who is always cold, I really dig the hot weather.  I probably should not live in Seattle where it rains so much.  However, I’m not yet 18, so I can’t just move away.

I cannot stand people who use bad grammar. It’s not that difficult to learn, so why not just figure it out? TextSpeak irritates the living daylights out of me. I recently had someone text me “hey wuts up?” So I tried to be subtle and texted back “Not much! What’s up with you?” It didn’t work. Seriously, though, is it that hard to type the one extra letter in what’s? It drives me nuts. Oh, and I’m not talking about people who make the occasional typo. I get that. However, “wuts” is deliberate and constant.

2. I do not like people who smack  their lips while eating. I think that it is not that difficult to chew with your mouth closed.  I understand if you cannot breathe through your nose, so you occasionally chew with your mouth open, but when you constantly are smack, smack, smacking your lips! It kills me! If I’m around you, know you at least a little bit, and if you are smacking your lips, chances are I will yell at you. Just ask my friend’s little brother! It was dead silent in the car and he was smacking away, and I just turned around and yelled “GOOD LORD MICHAEL COULD YOU CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!?” It worked. He chewed with his mouth closed for the rest of the meal.


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