What Has My Life Come To?

5 Jul

I have been asking myself thIs question quite frequently. My life, this Summer, has turned into having a crush on fourteen-year old boys, reading trashy romance novels, watching Jerry Springer, and going on myspace like a twelve-year old. So, my life has turned into a hot mess, basically. I went from AP classes, theatre, and singing Jazz music to this.

But when I asked myself this last time I logged into myspace, I realized that I’m having more fun with my life then I had at all during the school year. I LIKE being partially stereotypical and partially pathetic. I think it’s fun. I’m listening to pop music and rap music and I’m not having to hide it.

So, what has my life come to? It’s gone past the point of no return. It’s gotten to the point of me not caring what anyone else thinks. And let me tell you what, it’s liberating.


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